New Bridge in the Park




With the dual purpose of documenting the construction of the Garden Bridge for future generations, as well as creating the blueprint for a restored garden bridge, I was tasked with the initial surveying and drawing of the bridge and its details.


In a close collaboration with René Lærke (Træsmeden) we’re now in the process of optimizing the joints of the construction. The bridge suffers badly in the outdoors as several joints have tendency to retain water and root.


The bridge is in a varied degree of decay and it is the goal of the restoration to optimize the joints and general construction principals to achieve a far greater life expectancy of the bridge while also being loyal to the aesthetics and history of both the materials and the architecture and making sure the Garden Bridge keeps its authenticity. 


The Garden Bridge connects the Manor with the Estate Gardens and is a secondary bridge to the Manor. The primary being built of brick and granite and coming of the entrance road to the estate.


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